DisocraphyPublications by members of the Azores Nature team.

  • Birding on Corvo, Azores, and Nearctic Vagrants in 2005-2009. Dutch Birding. 32:05 2010 by Peter Alfrey, Simon Buckell, Vincent Legrand, David Monticelli & Birding Azores
  • Short-billed Gull on Terceira, Azores in February-March 2003 and identification of the ‘Mew Gull complex’, Dutch Birding 29:4 by Peter Alfrey and Mashuq Ahmad
  • American Vagrants on the Island of Corvo, Azores, in October 2005, Birding World 18:11 by Peter Alfrey
  • The best locality for American vagrants in the Western Palearctic: Corvo, Azores, in 2006, Birding World: 19:11 by Peter Alfrey
  • Eye of the Storm, Birdwatch, October 2006 by Peter Alfrey
  • Die Azoren als Rettungsanker fur verdriftete nearktische Vogelarten- Herbst 2005 by Jens Hering and Peter Alfrey, Limicola 2:2006
  • The Pioneers, Birdwatch October 2008 by Peter Alfrey
  • Fate or Free Will, Birdwatch, November 2008 by Peter Alfrey
  • Winter gull gallery 2002/2003 by Chris Batty, Tom Lowe and Richard Millington, Birding World:16:3. Contribution by Peter Alfrey on Azores gulls.
  • Anuario Ornitologico. Contributions 2001-2009 produced by SPEA
  • Azores monthly news correspondent to international ornithological journals/periodicals: Birding World, Dutch Birding, British Birds and Birdwatch
  • Contribution to the bird sections of the Azores Bradt Guide
  • The Azores Rare and Scarce Bird Report 2013 and 2014
  • Fortune Hunters, Birdwatch, June 2014 by Peter Alfrey and Richard Bonser
  • Wonders of the Azores, Wild Travel Magazine (contribution)
  • Film/documentary contribution: It’s the Earth Not the Moon by Goncalo Tocha, 2012 (Art house film about Corvo, The Azores) and In Search of Monteiro’s Petrel by Pedro Carvalho, 2012 (Portuguese documentary)

Online Articles

Hoodie flight

  • Birdwatch, Articles  Birding Corvo: in the eye of the storm
  • An introduction to the identification of an adult winter Mew gull on the Azores,  The first for the western palearctic
  • Corvo, Azores 2007   by Peter Alfrey
  • Birding abroad  Winter on the Azores
  • Birdwatch, Articles The pioneers: part one

Azores Rare and Scarce Bird Reports

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