Azores Natural History Trip 2015 Days five and six

 The SPA Pico da Vara, Sao Miguel- almost half of the Azores endemics occur in this area.
 Serra de Santa Barbara, Terceira. A cloud forest environment.
 Azores Bullfinch on Sao Miguel.
 ’Azores Chaffinch’
 Tree Fern
 Elaphoglossum semicylindricum- an endemic epiphyte of Junipers
 Huperzia dentate- a Macronesian endemic. Found in the cloud forest on Terceira.
 Azorean Angelica
 Xanthandrus azorensis- An Azores endemic
 Myathropa florea on Himalayan Knotweed

Thanks to our group and partners for a great trip; Chris, Janet, John, Hilary, Jean, John, Gerby, Dina, Tiago, Rui, Rolando, Valter, Ian and the SPEA team.
Spent the last couple of days exploring the Laurisilva (Laurel Forests) on Terceira and Sao Miguel. 
Yesterday was spent in the cloud forest on Terceira and today in the east of Sao Miguel.
Stunning scenery and a magic environment.
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