Azores Natural History Trip 2015 Day Four

 Fin Whales
 Common Dolphins
 Striped Dolphins
 Sei Whale- classic sickle shaped fin (cheers Justin)
Sei Whale
Spent yesterday focusing on looking for whales. We’ve timed the trip this year to coincide with the rorqual whale migration as they follow the phytoplankton bloom as it moves north bringing the whales into the Azorean waters between April to June. We saw 2 Fin Whales and 2 Sei Whales. Also Common and Striped Dolphin. On the bird front 2 Barolo’s, 1 Sooty, 1 Manx and 2000+ Cory’s Shearwaters, 100+ Roseate Tern and 20+ Monteiro’s Petrel.
Saw the biologists working at Praia islet who reported that the Sooty Terns were present again this year.
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