Azores Nature Pelagic 2013 Summary

White-tailed Tropicbird

Another good trip out to sea. On the last day several members of the group twitched the White-tailed Tropic bird at Sao Miguel- presumably the same bird that has been on the archipelago since 2011 (photo above).

This year’s crew were Ernie Davies, Chris Townend, Daniel Mauras, Thomas Lang, Jurgen Blessing, Peter and Gudrun Berndt, Stefan Pfutzke, Harro Muller, Darryl and Greg Spittle, Philip Hansbro, Gerby, Deborah Berthelot ,Vincent Legrand and myself.

Seabird species recorded (#):

Fea’s Petrel (1), Bulwer’s Petrel (3), Cory’s Shearwater (1000s), Great Shearwater (100+), Sooty Shearwater (20+), Manx Shearwater (4), Wilson’s Storm Petrel (1), Swinhoe’s Petrel (1), Monteiro’s Petrel (10+), ‘Grant’s’ Petrel (1-2), White-tailed Tropicbird (1), Brown Booby (1), Pomarine Skua (1), Arctic Skus (5), Long-tailed Skua (3), Roseate Tern (20+), Common Tern (100s), Sooty Tern (2), Azores Gull (100s)

Other marine wildlife:

Sperm Whale (10+), Spotted Dolphin (50+), Common Dolphin (100+), Bottlenose Dolphin (30+), Risso’s Dolphin (2), Beaked Whale sp (2), Loggerhead Turtle (7+), Blue Shark (3)

Going out again next year (probably August) so if your interested in joining let me know (

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